Why I Have Weekend Lacrosse Thoughts

I am huge into organization. There isn’t an occasion I can find that doesn’t need a Google document, and there is rare an event that does not need an outline. As someone with a mind that races faster than I can think to catch up with it, sometimes that means things that I write tend to jump around.

While in a sense this charming quality helps me have a unique writing voice, it also means at times I needed editing. Since I run my lacrosse website (INLACROSSEWETRUST.COM) and am in charge of all of it, I don’t always improve as a writer when I work there. Jim Flannery is the best editor I could ever ask for, but he is limited in how much he can do between the dozens of posts a day on the site.

So this National Lacrosse League season I promised myself I was going to write an organized column. Instead of recapping New England Black Wolves games, as I was originally planning, I was going to leave that to the beat writers I have on board (they do have to earn their pay, after all).* I was going to write columns as I saw fit, but I was also going to dedicate myself to doing something and sticking with it.

I have a tendency to jump at every opportunity. That also means I have a tendency to peter off after a time and stop sticking with a certain thing because shiny new thing over there also sounds exciting. This happened to me in my first semester at Boston University, and ILWT suffered for it.

(Another writing habit that comes from not being edited is not getting to the point of what I am talking about until waaaaaay into the story, if that hasn’t been noticed yet).

I decided I was going to dedicate myself to writing out all of my thoughts every Monday in one column. If you read ILWT (of course you do because it is amazing) then you know this as “Weekend Lacrosse Thoughts.” This was to combat the habit as well that I had of thinking ALL OF THESE GAMES JUST HAPPENED AND I HAVE THOUGHTS ON THEM I AM GOING TO TWEET THEM ALL RIGHT NOW SORRY PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW ME WHO DO NOT ENJOY LACROSSE AS MUCH AS I DO.


Weekend Lacrosse Thoughts was born. It was a way to keep my thoughts about the sport organized, in a weekly format, and still be able to speak my mind as much as I want to. Hopefully, for the rest of the NLL season I will stick with it and be able to resist the temptation of whatever tedious exciting thing that pops up.

* the pay is me thanking them a billion times for wanting to work with me.


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