Broadcasting Boston Cannons Games

The first team I ever covered was the Boston Blazers. The NLL team relocated after one year I had covered them. That same year, when I was 14 years old, I began to cover the Boston Cannons. That makes them the most familiar I am with a team in all of sports.

Every year since 2011, I have covered at least a few Cannons games. That process would always include sitting in the press box during the game, trying to find something to drink other than Powerade (this has never changed), and going onto the field and interviewing as many people will stay for as long as possible.

Last season, the team played at Gillette Stadium, and I was able to go to two of them. I haven’t covered a full season in about three seasons, but this year I know I will be at every home game.

In late February, I was asking around about what plans were for media coverage around Major League Lacrosse (the season was over two months away but I was just curious like I am about everything happening, and thus ask about everything happening) and found out that the Boston Cannons had two slots open to broadcast games for MLL Radio.

cannons 2

Mike Sportini, “Lax Worm,” said I could have it if I wanted to, so of course I jumped on the chance. This was the team I had grown up with, and honestly learned how to be a journalist around. Now as a student at Boston University learning how to broadcast, and being one of the voices of BU lacrosse for the full season, the opportunity to be here and take the short trip to Harvard to call Cannons games is literally a dream come true.

I called a game at Harvard Stadium once this year, when BU played Harvard, and I had the same broadcast partner, my friend and fellow BU broadcast journalism student James Mattone, and the same network and set up. One of the only real differences is I can see numbers of the players now that I have glasses. For MLL Radio, it’s not Mike producing but instead George Capalbo, who was absolutely great to work with on the first game.

The first game of the season was against the Atlanta Blaze, a team that has former Cannons coach John Tucker and players Scott Ratliff, Adam Ghitelman, and Ryan Tucker. There were so many storylines, and it seemed incredibly easy to have material for this first game.

In the hours and minutes leading up to the game, I was incredibly apprehensive, probably noticeably so, that I was going to be one of the voices for this team. I’ve only been broadcasting for a few months, and even covering the team for just five years isn’t that long of a time.

Calling the game went about as smoothly as possible, and just like every game I have ever called, I felt better about it as I went and got a strong feel for both teams and what they were doing. At the end of the game, I was able to get interviews on the field for my ESPN New Hampshire game story, which is something I have been doing for my own for so many years.

Harvard Stadium has become a place that feels like home to me. Both times I have gone there this spring semester was the two happiest moments I have had in sports media. This is the place I learned how to cover a team and be around a team as a journalist, and now it’s going to be somewhere where I can learn even more about being a broadcaster.

Being here all summer for classes at BU, I’m looking forward to calling Cannons games more than anything. Six more games to go and keep getting better, and I couldn’t have a better enviornment to be in or better friends at my side to work with.

I even was able to get home in time (and avoid being hit by oncoming traffic) to finish a final paper by midnight.

It’s going to be a great summer.


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